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5 Celebrities Who “Ruined” Their Face with Plastic Surgery

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Today I will be covering the topic of people who “ruined” their face with plastic surgery. I want to bring empathy and understanding to these people. The celebrities that I will cover are often the target of top 10 style videos that cover celebs who “Ruined” their face or career with surgery.

I also want to see what can be learned from their results and procedures. We can elan what made their results undesirable and why they look so different now from before.

This video is to show that even the people with access to the best surgeons and can pay top dollar, can still have a bad surgery, whether it was a mistake or just the surgeon having a hard time on their case. More money does not always mean a better outcome.

Celeb #1:

They got 2 nose jobs, 1 which was minor, and one to supposedly fix the first. This celeb felt they entered as a well known actress, but left unrecognizable. Their unique look was gone. The corrective surgery ended up making her even less recognizable. She even chose to get more procedures done after in various parts of her face. Sometimes the lesson is that there is no perfect look, and sometimes re-doing a surgery may not enhance your look, and could bring it back.

Celeb #2:

Celeb number 2 Has always had a cute look that I love. She had a girl next door, fresh appearance. She looked the same for most of her early adult life, but at some point she got a procedure that changed how her eyes looked which can change the look of one’s whole face. She even addressed it briefly in passing one time, which I feature in the video.

Celeb #3:

This is one that a lot of people are constantly talking about to me. This case is a culmination of a couple surgeries adding up to a very changed look. She started with soft features, and ended up with sharper jaw and cheeks. She also added and removed various implants over her career which had effects on its own. She also admitted to some interesting things which I address.

Celeb #4:

Unlike the previous 3 celebs, this is a man. They often get overlooked when they get procedures, as many people assume men do not get anything done. There was a blepharoplasty and brow lift that he got that were overdone and the surgeon may have been too aggressive in their changes. This is a tale of a well known surgeon choosing the final look based on personal preference rather than going with what the celeb wanted. A lesson that you should always stand up for the look you want.

Celeb #5:

The last celeb here made the celeb unrecognizable. This is a culmination of many procedures over and over, trying to re-do the same spots, which ended up with their face looking completely different from before. The surgeries on the nose and eyes are the ones that really made the biggest difference. In this case, there were some tragic parts of their life that led them to getting these surgeries, showing that not always is what we think. Nobody knows what goes on in some of these celebrities’ private lives.

Overall we can learn some lessons from Celebrities and others who get various procedures and surgeries. Botox injections, Dermal fillers, Skin procedures, rhinoplasties, canthoplasty, blepharoplasties and more are common, tempting, and often encouraged in the world of Hollywood and celebrity circles. Some people are doing it for themselves, some for insecurity, some are pushed into surgeries by their spouses, agencies, managers, or friends. It does not matter if your surgeon is the most expensive, or if you have all the money in the world. Sometimes a surgery does not fit a face type, and sometimes a surgery does not turn out well, even with the “top” surgeon. One should always look into each doctor, what the specialize in, and the style they have in their niche.

Please know that although I have a very informed opinion based on my own experience I am not an EXPERT or a Doctor. Please visit a plastic surgeon for medical advice.

Special Thanks to Miss J from Miss J’s forum; much of my knowledge was garnered from her.

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