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Best Rhinoplasty in Lahore. Best Plastic surgeon. Nose Job Pakistan. Nose reshaping before & after

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Rhinoplasty, sometimes referred to as a “nose job” or “nose reshaping” by patients, enhances facial harmony and the proportions of your nose. It can also correct impaired breathing caused by structural defects in the nose. Rhinoplasty is a procedure to improve shape and aesthetic of nose. It can help to improve breathing of nose. For rhinoplasty in Lahore please book an appointment with best plastic surgeon in Lahore today!
How Rhinoplasty Procedure done?
Dr Yawar performs rhinoplasty under General anesthesia. Small external skin incision is made .Nose structures are exposed by raising skin flap. By removing excess fat, cartilage and bone, nose size is reduced. Small cartilage grafts used to make ideal nose shape.

What is duration of Rhinoplasty procedure?
It depends on the deformity and varies from 1½ hr to 4 hrs.

How much is healing time or Down time after Rhinoplasty?
We can divide it into three parts.

Immediate healing just few days when we remove sutures.
Delayed healing can go up to 2 to 3 weeks when a lot of swelling subsides.
Final healing in 6 months to 9 months gradually nose molds into new shape.
What other medication advised after Rhinoplasty.
Antibiotics in tablet form given for one week.
Antihistamine for five days.
Nasal drops to avoid congestion of nose for one week.
Arnica drops for one week if bruising developes after rhinoplasty.
Saline drops nasal spray for keeping wet.
What is after care /Instructions after Rhinoplasty.
Patient may need to breathe through mouth as nose usually packed for one or two days.
Patient head should be elevated by two pillows while lying down. It will reduce the chances of swelling of face.
Cold compresses cheek and around eyes may be used for two days.
Avoid blowing to clean the nose.

What is Septorhinoplasty?
Septorhinoplasty also addresses functional problems especially if a patient presents with a breathing complaint. The shape of Nose as well position of septum is corrected in Septorhinoplasty. The straight position of septum improves breathing.

What is the age limit of Rhinoplasty?
The mimnimum age when we can do this procedure is 15 to 16 years. There is no maximum age limit of Nose Job Surgery.

What is Saddle Nose?
When supporting framework is weak and support is not adequate it is named saddle nose.

How we can decide Surgical or Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?
Non-Surgical rhinoplasty Indicated for few deformities.

In non-surgical rhinoplasty/ Liquid rhinoplasty nose reshaping is done by fillers and result is temporary.

Surgical rhinoplasty requires more skill. It is sort of definite procedure and results are permanent.

Rhinoplasty is done to improve shape of nose. All patients who visit for Tip modification at Dr Yawar Plastic Surgery Centre specially for fatty Tip, bulbous tip, droopy tip, over projected tip get cosmetic improvement in tip of nose. Long nose and wide nose are treated to make Nose slim and short. Hump nose and wide nostril also benefit from Nose Surgery at Dr Yawar Plastic Surgery Centre. Very Short and small Nose are lengthened. Depressed and small Nose augmented with Augmentation Rhinoplasty. Nose deformity after trauma and congenital cases also benefit from surgery. Patients with crooked deviated C shape nose deformity need septum surgery along with cosmetic rhinoplasty.
Who is suitable candidate for Rhinoplasty?
Patients with real expectations are good candidate for rhinoplasty. Any patient undergoing rhinoplasty would have consultation with Dr Yawar to discuss about details of procedure,downtime,expected outcome and follow up instructions.Glasses should not be worn for 2-3 weeks.
Spicy and hard meals avoided for a week. Semisolid diet is good initially
Smiling is fine excessive laughing not permitted.
Patient may use soft teeth brush for two or three days.
Is there pain associated with Rhinoplasty?
Usually there may be mild pain associated with rhinoplasty which is controlled by pain medication. Pain killers are given for 5 to 7 days after rhinoplasty.
What are side effects after Rhinoplasty?
Down time after rhinoplasty is longer than other cosmetic procedures. Mild pain, Bruising and numbness of tip remain for short period of time for a week or so.

When splint and sutures are removed after Nose Job.
Nasal packing removed after one or two days. Sutures are removed after 7 days and Splint removed after 7 days.

What is done to reduce the swelling?
Steroids given in theater and room.
Sleep with head elevated 45o
Ice packs for 48 h.
Limit physical activity

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