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Remove Dark Marks With Laser Treatment for Acne Scars

Do you have acne scars? If so, you may wonder if laser treatment is an option for removing them. In this video, we’ll discuss the benefits and drawbacks of laser treatment for acne scars and help you decide if it’s the right treatment. ✅ Click here: or 📞 8377950960 for more information✅
What are acne scars?

Acne scars are marks and indentations left by severe acne or pimples. They can affect any area of the body but are most commonly seen on the face, back and chest. Acne scars occur as a result of the inflammation causes by acne or pimple. When the skin pore gets infected with acne-causing bacteria and build-up of dead skin cells along with the sebum, it leads to acne lesion. Some lesions are superficial while others go deep. These lesions often develop into acne scars over time. If left untreated, these may lead to acne pits and holes which are harder to get rid of without a dedicated treatment.

How are acne scars formed?

Acne scars are formed when the skin pore gets infected and inflamed. In the process of healing acne, the loss of skin tissue results in indented skin and when collagen starts to fill the gap to heal the skin wound. This leads to the formation of raised scars.

What are the types of scars?

Scars can be of more than one type. Most common acne scars include –

• Boxcar scars – These are deep scars with oval depressions and round indentations.
• Rolling scars – They have sloping edges and are rounded in shape. Rolling scars are commonly found on areas such as cheeks and jaws. They make the facial skin look uneven.
• Ice pick scars – These types of scars resemble deep depression in the skin that gets narrower as it gets deeper. These scars are challenging to heal on their own. They are most commonly found in areas with thin skin such as forehead and cheeks.
• Depressed or pitted scars – These are the most common marks or blemishes that are left behind by inflamed pimples.

What are old scars? Can they be treated?

Old scars are blemishes or marks that have been present on the skin for a long time due to pant injuries. These can occur due to an illness such as chickenpox, puberty or any skin injury. No matter how old the scars are, the good news is that they can be treated. Old scars can be a little challenging to treat as they have a more uneven texture tone. They require a customized treatment plan that depends on the severity of scarring, thickness or texture of the scarred skin and the size or the area of the body affected by the scar.

How to get rid of acne scars and marks?

Acne scars, marks and blemishes can be removed to get clear and scar-free skin using the following dermatological modalities –

• Subcision -Subcision is a specialized treatment that involves the use of a fine needle to pull the scar tissue apart. When the skin is released, it can regain its natural level and smoothness. After a few days, the skin gets healed and scar becomes less visible.
• Pixel Laser treatment -Pixel laser treatment is an advanced procedure that uses laser energy to treat scars with precision. Using ablative lasers, the dermatologist will focus the laser beam onto the target area. The laser light will selectively target the scarred tissues and create microscopic perforations in the skin to promote healthy skin formation. After the skin gets healed, the scar is no longer visible. This method works best on old scars, blemishes and pigmented marks.
• TCA Cross – TCA Cross is a type of chemical peel used to primarily treat rolling and boxcar scars. It works by exfoliating the upper layer of the skin and removing the scarred tissue to reduce pigmentation.

What body areas can be treated with Pixel Laser Treatment?

Pixel laser treatment is a safe and effective way to treat scars on areas such as –
• Face – To treat chickenpox scars, acne scars, blemishes, burn and surgical scars.
• Neck, arms and chest – To treat uneven spots, age spots, sun tan, etc.

Who is the ideal candidate for Pixel Laser Treatment?

Anyone who is above 18 years old and suffering from old or new acne scars can take Pixel Laser treatment except pregnant and lactating women.

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